Unite, energise and inspire your workforce with MoveMe’s corporate dance lessons, workshops and events.

If you’re looking for a unique team building activity that’s guaranteed to be a hit with any taste or personality then look no further than MoveMe’s corporate dance lessons, workshops and events. From one hour ice breakers to club classics dance parties, we provide unforgettable and invaluable experiences for a range of businesses. 

Why dance and why dance with MoveMe?

Whether you’re passionate about employee wellbeing, are looking to reduce absence figures, trying to increase productivity or just want to create a great place to work; the many physical, mental, social and creative benefits of dancing make it the perfect team building activity. Everyone can dance from the bottom to the top of your company.


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MoveMe endeavour to provide the best in corporate dance activities, from team building sessions to mass participation events. We give our corporate clients a bespoke experience by giving them freedom to choose the theme, music and content that matches their business’ goals and employee’s needs. We have a team of passionate contemporary dancers raring to help you set up and deliver your perfect corporate event.

MoveMe’s Carousel of

Corporate Dance Lessons, Workshops and Events


Our one-off ICE BREAKER sessions are designed give your team a boost in energy, activate creative thinking and initiate collaboration. Our ICEBREAKER sessions can last up to one hour making them an ideal way to kick off or break up a conference, workshop or team day.


Is your team running on reserves? Try our PART TIME package, a half-day dance experience. Choose to focus on anything from team building to learning a show-stopping routine to increase confidence and let inhibitions go.


The longer you have MoveMe the better! Hire our team of dancers for a whole day or for a series of sessions. You could decide to go for an all-day dance party or opt for creating a routine to perform at a later date. Many companies also choose FULL TIME to lead into the culmination of a MoveMe NIGHT SHIFT.


Tasked with organising a social gathering for your department or the annual staff event? Make it a night to remember with MoveMe’s NIGHT SHIFT. Party to a bespoke or themed playlist from the MoveMe Jukebox, learn a few moves or a whole routine. You could even go FULL TIME with MoveMe and prepare a secret performance for your MoveMe NIGHTSHIFT.


MoveMe dance lessons, workshops and events in our corporate carousel can be combined and complement each other very well. So why not do some dancing overtime? MoveMe OVERTIME discounts are available for bookings of 2 or more.

Your dance party starts here!

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