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How to dance at a partyHow to dance at a party? It’s something we’ve all wondered. From your work Christmas-do to your best friend’s wedding; social events often require some form of dancing, and that can stir up dread, embarrassment and complete avoidance for many of us. We believe dancing is the best thing about partying and giving in to these perceived barriers is causing you to miss out. And no one wants that!


So, make this year the year that you step out of the corner or away from the bar, and own that dance floor, in your own unique way! It may be a little scary at first, we get that, but we promise you that you won’t regret it. To help you on your way, here are MoveMe’s top 12 fool proof tactics for anyone who has ever wondered how to dance at a party:

1. Choreograph, just a little. It’s always good to plan your ‘safe moves’, moves you know you can do semi-well and you won’t forget. Here’s our go-to five;

    • Step touch, otherwise known as two stepping. Step one foot out to the side and bring the other foot in to meet it, repeat on the other side.


    • Snake hips, this works nicely if you combine this with raising your arms up slightly and allowing your upper body to follow the motion.


    • Turn your partner round and round, always a go-to classic and pretty self-explanatory. You could apply a more country and western approach or go fancy ballroom style. It’s your call.


    • Fist pump, pick your right or your left hand, make a fist, raise it in the air and pump it to the beat, why not add a little bounce at the same time?


  • Head nod, simple, but effective. Also makes you feel a little badass, given the right tune of course!


2. Mimic, eye up the more confident dancers in the room and steal a few of their moves, it’s the best form of flattery after all.

3. Take inspiration, the best dancers take inspiration from others. You can find inspiration for your dance floor debut anywhere, how about; your kids, a friend, strictly come dancing, a recent fitness class you’ve attended, a theatre show, YouTube clips, social media, music videos – the list is endless. Remember it’s your interpretation too, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same.

4. Always have something to hold, it could be your favourite cocktail, your BFF, your partner, your handbag or another item, there’s something about having one hand busy that makes the whole thing feel a little less awkward. Trust us.

5. Don’t overthink, it can over-complicate and lead to freezing. Dance is one of life’s simple pleasures, it’s organic, one of those things you just can’t force. Let yourself go!

6. It most definitely doesn’t have to be perfect, dancing is about self-expression, letting loose and having a good time! Aiming for perfection is unrealistic, demoralising, pressurising and unnecessary; especially as you’re not auditioning for Swan Lake.

7. Move to your own rhythm, one thing we hear a lot is people saying that they have no rhythm. This isn’t true. Finding it tricky to move in sync with music doesn’t mean you can’t dance. To start, forget about the music, focus on letting your body explore your own movement through improvisation, whether it follows the beat or goes against it, it really doesn’t matter.

8. Keep the momentum going, once you’ve started the key is to keep at it. Don’t let one dodgy move throw you off course, embrace it, style it out and move on to the next one. If you find yourself out of moves, don’t panic, march it out and the moves will return.

9. Don’t forget to breathe, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth will help your body relax and move more naturally.

10. Dutch courage, a little tipple can work wonders if you’re in need of an extra confidence boost. Balance really is essential in this tactic, drink too much and this will detriment your moves as well as your body. We recommend applying the one drink for tonight, one drink for tomorrow method. Pretty self-explanatory really, but for every alcoholic beverage (tonight’s drink) have a non-alcoholic drink after (tomorrow’s drink). We call it tomorrow’s drink as you will appreciate it so much more the next day.

11. Go for it, half-hearted attempts can make you look sillier than going way over the top. We live by Ru Paul’s affirmation of ‘your fear of looking stupid is holding you back’ and this couldn’t be truer here.

12. There is only admiration, not judgement. Following on from point 11, people hold back from doing things through fear of being judged. We promise you that everyone on that dance floor is preoccupied with what they are doing, and the rest? They probably aren’t watching you either, if they are, they’re spurring you on! Who knows, you may even inspire others to follow in your tracks (or should we say steps?).

There you have it, 12 fool proof tactics on how to dance at a party. Let us know how you get on!

We’ll see you on the dance floor.


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