MoveMe is a not-for-profit company specialising in fun dance events best described as …‘a dance class party’.

MoveMe is here to show you that, regardless of your age or ability, dance not only enhances your physical wellbeing, but also has a positive effect on mental health, mood, cognition and memory. We bring people together and create a truly unique, healthy and uplifting experience!

Whether within the community or work place we are able to give you a package to suit your environment that will teach your group routines that everyone can (and will want to) do. Our company vision is that dance brings people together – it contributes to a healthy balanced lifestyle! Everyone is encouraged to join in. You don’t need to have any special training or fancy clothing.

We create a party atmosphere that’s good for the workplace and/or your community.

Our dance team use a range of moves and music styles to suit all tastes. They’re made especially for people who might not usually dance, but love to move! Unlike Strictly we don’t seek perfection. We prefer to celebrate the joy of dancing together. You can find us dancing in parks, town squares, community centres, board rooms and theatre foyers. We work with a range of people in London and the UK across three areas: Public Events, Community and Corporate.

So, come and find out how you can move yourself with MoveMe…


Dance like you never knew you could… MoveMe creates events for both dance lovers and those convinced they have two left feet! Everyone, of any age or ability, can join in. MoveMe can be used for 6-500+ people indoors or outside as an independent event or happening within a wider programme.


We call our work in the community MoveMe Studio. This means we take the fun of a live event and bring it into local venues for smaller groups of people. It is therefore often used in community centres as a weekly or monthly class for kids, teens or older people.


We all need to find fun and unique ways to improve company relations. Our friendly crew can be hired to promote team bonding either through training or socials. Whether you have an hour to re-energise your staff, or need a whole party package, our dancers are here to help.